12th March 2005

F1 Racing Sport by Datco Performance Products of

I am currently using this muffler, it is very quite and have reasonable power. It is a S-flow category. In fact the power is surprisingly high considering it's quiet and S-flow. Very very pleased for daily use and a little fun on and off.

Can reach 195 with full load on 5th without problems :) Good. Seriously recommends to anyone.


I bought it from: -

(Battery Marketing & Exhaust Specialist)

No.26 Jalan Kepong, Jinjang Selatan
52000 Kuala Lumpur


Please do not get it's siblings where it's mouth does not flare because the sound it produce is slightly louder and pitchy and not nice at all. The above F1 muffler sounds fat and solid and very low hum.


MATOLA Brand of Muffler

During testing of various mufflers in search of the holy grail powerful and quiet muffler, I got attracted by this one because it is very very loud. A quick test drive reveal "free rev" as if no resistance on the engine and hence very quick rise in rpm :) and most importantly ..... the dam loudness you could hear like a F1 coming from one (1) kilometers away.

The sound is also brilliant of certain scream like F1, high pitch but not pitchy like a bitch. It is difficult to describe.

The exhaust shop made a flange for me so that I could swap mufflers for weekend track days as well as to be naughty on Saturday night to harass other cars :) hehehehhe so evil of me.

You cannot imagine the fun with this loud "MATOLA" muffler. It's got the effect of a polis car with siren on. Before you approach the slowly moving car in front, it would have heard you and move away to let you take the fastest lane. Dam fun :)

OK OK, I know it's bad to harass a CLK 2 door :) but I can't help it ........................ hahahahhahahahha

And eerrr sorry CIVIC SI, your engine is just a tad too old compared to 20v stock to stock.

It is straight flow and the exhaust shop gave me a BLITZ mouth to match :) pictures to come later.


Swirling Bullet Center Box by Omega

Part of the reason of the loudness / scream like F1 is suspected from the center bullet box. I call it a swirling bullet. Sorry to picture.

The swirling bullet is just a term I made up, don't know the official tech term. It's simply a mid-box silencer kind of thing, but the internal is a swirling shaped perforated tube with fibers inside the walls. Imagine a torque screw kind a look.

Personally I think (from my studies of acoustics) that the physical swirling is only cosmetics and does not do anything to improve performance. In fact the difference between air-speed on the swirl and in center flow is so great that a high pitched scream may be generated.

Since the air-speed difference is so great between the swirl wall and center flow, in reality we "assume" that the true air-flow is only the center section without the swirl. i.e. smaller diameter pipe.

Some times I think if the scream I predict is true that means sound energy is produced and this energy must come from some where and is not free, hence I may have lost some engine power sad.gif

Don't know may be I think too much. Well, I may be thinking too simple previously. Because that swirling shape, where it's number of turns per distance over xx amount of trunking in (mm) is a function of wavelength which is frequency which is engine rpm.

There is also the issue of steady state air flow versus variable and not to mention the engine valves overlap backwards into the throttles and backwards into the air filter. As this matola muffler is only at it's loudest with full throttle 50% to full throttle.

Oh, well, just ignore me.


During installation the shop owner called his friend over to check out my long running self-calculated 4-2-1 custom made extractor and I was very pleased to hear the 30 years old industrial sifu of his appreciation of the extractor and kept saying my car will beat all others :) dam happy apart from friends in Sarawak a 30 years old veteran also appreciate long runners :)


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