Custom Exhaust

20th June 2004

Part 6

There are a few more itsy bits to update from the aftermath.

Once, the car had to slow down from 110 to 60 due to sudden heavy traffic. It was in 5th gear. I was lazy to drop it. After the traffic freed, I stepped on the accelerator - just a tad more - really really little, and surprisingly the car was willing accelerate very freely. Speechless .................. at that time RPM dropped till about 1,700 and it was a uphill even............ marvelous :)

There is another issue of traffic jam movement easiness. Normally during a traffic jam session the engine would always stall / jerk a little when the car slow down to nearly a halt, but again, surprisingly after using this extractor ............. the slight stall / jerk is gone. I didn't know this / didn't notice it until I drove a friend's car recently with a 4-1 extractor as oppose to my current 4-2-1 and his was only around 2 feet length which from the chart says optimization for 16,000 rpm. His had the exact same slight / small stall / jerk during deceleration to near a halt.



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