Custom Exhaust

20th June 2004

Part 5

Forgot to mention, I did it at: -

AH Exhaust Services & Repair
No.7 Jalan TS 6/2, Subang Industrial Park
47510 Subang Jaya
Tel : +60(3)738-8522 I know it is 7 digit, that's all I got


Actually I feel really regret that I didn't insist of to make the spec for 4,000 rpm and that I allow them to use a slightly larger pipes on the 2 part ...... aiiihhhhhhyyyyyyyyy

I wanted to find out if the formula meant: -

type A - optimize "up to" xx rpm, after which no good.


type B - optimize for xx rpm but adjacent yy rpm still ok


Now I won't know and I doubt anyone would ever choose to optimize like me


My car feels really good up to 6,000 rpm after which a bit slow to 8,000 rpm....... I used to hate VVT coming ON too soon, but now not anymore .... it matches well :)

If only I rectify my god-dam little intake plenum problem..... and reinstall the original individual intake plastic swirling pipe ..... I would have a overall better flow..... currently my intake sucks big time ......

Or perhaps greedily custom make an even longer individual pipe :) heehehheeheheheh


  1. Intake Length Matching
  2. Exhaust Length Matching
  3. Intake Length Calculator
  4. Exhaust Length Calculator


  1. Custom Extractor
  2. Custom Extractor 2
  3. Custom Extractor 3
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  1. Cold Air Intake
  2. Plenum
  3. Mufflers by Datco & Matola with Bullet from Omega



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