TiTAN Suspension

How it all started?

Early Sep 03

There was a friendly sprint test amongst friends. When everyone was leaving, they were doing between 160 to 200, while I was only capable of 120 / 130.

This is due to my suspension setup not suitable to street use, where roads are uneven and bumpy at times.

What happen is the car keeps bouncing, the accelerator pedal could not be controlled properly, the bouncing effect was so great that the driving wheel actually air-borne and left the ground. During this time the speed of the car would decrease. This is why speeds of above 120 / 130 are difficult to achieve consistently unless the roads were fine.

This dilemma has been true since all previous upgrades, which was highly suitable for track use but not street.

Due to the sprint test event, I actually got fed-up of my non-effective suspension, to most there are not even suspension, type of workings, so a solution have to be found immediately. No more delaying projects.

Local solutions / manufacturer are sought after, as I know coil spring are basic products while absorber ......... should not be too difficult to make.

One of the rear absorber is completely dead, oils leaking out everywhere. It must be damaged when I drove into a construction for work.......


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