Fuel Return Hose

22nd February 2005


The purple arrow shows the fuel return to fuel tank. It is connected to a metal pipe running under the 4 throttles from throttle 1 and exiting at throttle 4. Shown at bottom point 2 to point 3.



Since the regulator is upgraded to out-board type, which is not like the one shown above, hence the fuel return does not need to plug into that pipe. The fuel return can be connected directly to the true fuel return line.



This saves the above pipe running under the 4 throttles for other uses, like vacuum for brake servo. See Brake Vacuum Route from FF style to FR



  1. Upgrade Fuel Pressure Regulator
  2. Fuel Pressure Gauge
  3. Fuel Return Hose
  4. Fuel Tank Pressure, Leak, Fume & Vapor Control




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