Suspension Wisdom

19 March 2004

Now that I have got your attention I just want to discuss about suspension upgrade. This concern ALL brands. Please take your time to read.

TiTAN suspension has been praised highly - many customers are extremely pleased with it. Many people wants to install it now.

This write up is especially for people who have not installed TiTAN or upgrade to any other brands.

Please realise that by installing TiTAN or upgrading to any other performance suspension, it will NOT make you DRIFT.

Drifting is a skill, not equipment, although equipment makes life easier. Ultimately it's in the person, not the car.

Therefore for those who have not upgrade, please do not think by getting performance suspension, you'll be able to drift. I don't want to see anyone spend money then regret. This is the objective of this write up.

Second issue.

When upgrading, PLEASE be REALISTIC. Now, what does this mean?

It means when you buy an upgrade AND tell the installer what you want. PLEASE be honest to YOUR SELF.

Please don't say I want 8 kg/mm front and 6 kg/mm rear, very very hard. And in the TiTAN case, also very comfortable, can corner 240 km/h, high-speed wind-blow never buang, perfect for drift, perfect for track, etc etc etc.

There will never be a perfect setup. Please don't say "sure lah", please don't say "we know". I've seen many, including myself make numerous mistakes on suspension upgrade only to find out what we really NEED, much later.

I've seen allot of LAMERS (including myself) saying this good that good. DON'T TRUST US. Go test the SAMPLE CAR. Always be your own judge. Because there is no point blaming that nick A, that nick B, that brand, the who after you've spend the money. No money back guarantee.

The only one I know really money back guarantee is TiTAN. shxt lah, doing it again. I see so many people want to install TiTAN I feel scared.

Scared because "WE" user / customers saying so good and so nice, and you guys put your expectation VERY VERY HIGH, then when you go try it. SO SO only mah.

I praise TiTAN so high, because I've personally acquired two (2) completely different TRD suspension sets ($$$ gone) and installed and driven them on public's road as well as in BTSC, so I can make a conclusion to myself that TRD pure racing suspension is NOT suitable for boy racer like me. Daily driver 99.999% of the time.

Some of you already know my next upgrade............

It's actually a downgrade ...............

My front is 5.5 kg/mm - I suspect this is the thing which cause my car extremely difficult to drive for NOVICE DRIVER - ME. No skill.

But saying this, thank goodness I've let other people test my car, full permission to do whatever they want, spin, spun, donut, tail-out, drift-try-to-be and they know my car is not setup for drift, but is extremely well suited for racing purposes.

I want a bit more fun factor, and I want LESS under-steer. My speed is not high enough to use THIS setup. I never drive this fast anyway. So, I'm going to downgrade. from 5.5 kg/mm to 3.3 kg/mm

OK lah, hope you guys REALISE and absorb mistakes made by myself or other people and would make your future purchase more wisely.

Saying this. Other suspension are also good. Except they are more suited towards one thing. No one will know what would that brand is suited for. You'll have to make your own survey / research and take your risk. Good Luck.


Why downgrade? 

I think ...... I over did it, so have to reverse lor. 

Original front is only 1.6 kg/mm now put 5.5 - that's 343% increase

I don't see my car's engine power increase 343 % - at most 100% from the 60bhp. I've got 110 on wheel now.

I also don't see my car's weight increase 343% - at most another 100 kg which is 10.5%

I also don't see my chassis rigidity increase 343% - in fact so old, probably lost all rigidity due to many rust everywhere 

I also never corner fast enough to have the G force that high to push on the coils.

Earth gravity is normalized to 1. At cornering for normal car, it will never be over 2. It will never be close to 2. 

So if G forces times mass never more than 2, so don't need 343% stronger spring rate.

100% from original is more than enough. Which is 3.2 kg/mm from 1.6 kg/mm

So, all these plus testing at drifting + driving ....... make me come to the conclusion that for what I use the car for, daily driver at slightly higher speed than aunty, never drift, never race, I've over done it.

All I really wanted was SAFE handling, absorber settles quickly - which is TiTAN, not hard but quick and comfortable, hence no wave effect. Never leak forever .... things like these.... really.

The car is setup too good - not for me - for pros like Tengku Djan, Zee and the lots. Not for beginner like me....... honestly speaking.

Those who driven my car recently will know it would be a killer drift machine for extremely high speed only.....I'm not up to that level AT ALL.

I also don't have the BALLS to go that fast .......

So like that lor, my story......


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