How gearbox work (manual Toyota T50)

16th May 2006

Article below written by Rahmat (cuscostrubrace)

Hi.. I have never open any T50 before to see inside but I found a few pictures over the net and to my best knowledge, T50 gearbox of the famous AE86 works as follow, please refer picture:-

You can see the input shaft, the output shaft, the counter shaft, 6 pair of gears and shifter fork rods/linkage assembly. I have mark gear A to L, sorry picture is not clear because it is small, and X, Y, Z is the synchronizer ring.

The power from engine come from input shaft and directly attached to gear A, means gear A is spinning same rpm with the engine. The power is transferred to gear B, gear B will be spinning at different speed and opposite direction of gear A and so is the whole counter shaft, which means gear B, D, F, H, J, L is all spinning same rpm with gear B.

All gear is spinning, only output shaft and syncro ring X, Y, Zis not spinning.

1st gear:-
Syncro ring Y slides and lock with gear G, hence the output shaft spins same rpm with gear G, other gears are also spinning but they don't have any effect since they're not locked.

To calculate ratio first gear: -
No. of teeth gear B divides by no. of teeth gear A=ratio 1
No. of teeth gear G divides by no. of teeth gear H=ratio 2

then ratio 1 and ratio 2 is multiplied together, we get 1st gear ratio, gear ratio is always output teeth over input teeth

2nd gear:-
syncro ring Y slides to gear E.

3rd gear:-
syncro ring X slides to gear C

4th gear:-
syncro ring X slides to gear A (direct drive), ratio 1:1

5th gear:-
syncro ring Z slides to gear K

syncro ring Z slides to gear L (theres a idler gear to change the direction of rotation but could not be seen)

To calculate ratio of each gear, same as how to calculate 1st gear, but each gear must be respective to each gear pair, 2nd gear to 2nd gear pair, 3rd gear to 3rd gear pair and so on.

If my thinking is wrong please correct, thanks


Thank you Rahmat for the much easy to understand explanation. Much appreciated.




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