Logitech G29 Wheel Internal Temperature (2022 April 40th)

Thank you thermal camera by llshadow.

Thanks and credits also to predecessors, repairers, modifiers, without their information and contributions below results would not have been sought after.





and many more ……


Room temperature 29 Celsius. Hong Kong open window, not air-conditioned. Outside temperature around 25 Celsius.

Temperature checked every 7 minutes gap, found saturation around 30 minutes and presenting below. Results should be similar to old G25, G27 and newer G920, G923 alike. Original 24 volts 1.73 ampere power supply is used. Original G29 mainboard, with original SOIC8 are used. No modification made. These results can be considered “reference”.

The 30 volts upgrade mod recommends AP4957GM and AP9975GM to add a heatsink, but now that I see their operating temperature, I don’t think they need heatsink at all……

Contrary to nets sharing, the SOIC8 AP9977GM and AP4951GM never gets hot at all, NONE of the IC got hot. However 4 resistors R53, R59, R55, R56 got hot up to 43.2 Celsius. The motors outside are hottest up to 47.7 Celsius, not even inside the motor’s core was as hot only 36.2 Celsius, may be because a fan far away from blowing at all.


On May 1st room temperature 26 Celsius, outside temperature suddenly dropped to around 19 Celsius and raining entire day.

Then a heatsink is added to the right motor and compared against without heatsink on left.

from the steering wheel angle shot, only left heat is noticeable, right motor heatsink is coollllll.

left motor heatsink, top view, only 42.7 Celsius because ambient temperature dropped compared to yesterday April 40th 😊


motor’s core, higher than above’s core, because this direction no far fan blowing.

right motor heatsink with fan is cooled to 32.5 Celsius. a right sided angle shot can see fan’s core heat and far left motor’s heasink’s heat.


If case is opened all the time, no heatsinks are need.


But if case is closed, most probably need heatsinks and exhaust fans, hence may be fans directly on heatsink when case is close might just warm everything up because they are constantly inside, so a exhaust fan must be much better……. How to prove ????? hahahah don’t know yet. May one day in future if I really want to find out, stick a wired temperature probe inside, but no thermal shots lor…..







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