Porting 4A-GE 20v Head

Late September 2003

Location - 

LOO YOKE LEONG (Ah Leong) 012-6516869


122, Jalan SS21/35, Damansara Utama

47400 Petaling Jaya, Sel

Tel : +60(3)7725-0107

Fax : +60(3)7727-5791

2 months after the head is removed from the block, then port and polish begins :( so much for efficiency hahahahaha.

Pictorial record of valve seats' condition before porting: -

Cylinder Intake and Exhaust Valves' seats: -

Cylinder 2 Intake and Exhaust Valves' seats: -

Cylinder 3 Intake and Exhaust Valves' seats: -

Cylinder 4 Intake and Exhaust Valves' seats: -

Before we start we went to

to buy some tools: -

But something is not right. The grind bit cannot fit into the air-compressor's spinner hence an adaptor mount was bought from a nearby DIY hardware shop near the workshop.

A torch light was also bought, can't believe it is needed in broad day light. Bill sure knows in this case.

While Bill and Yoga was busy porting the head, taking pictures etc. I took the time to remove the brake proportioning valve bias for the rear in hope to improve rear braking as advice by Bill. Please see Rear Brakes Efficiency

Since doing that require the removal of the intake plenum, therefore the plenum is worked on whatever little that I can in hope to improve air flow: -

  1. Port 4A-GE 20v Head
  2. Port 4A-GE 20v Head - Part 2



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