Fishtank Splitter Vacuum

22nd February 2005

4 Y-joints were used to tap vacuum from under the 4 throttles. The vacuum were originally used for VSV for EVAP control. It was hoped to obtain vacuum from all 4 throttles so that the vacuum for fuel pressure regulator would be very stable.

However the project is a failure because the 4 vacuum comes from a very very small hole right under the butterfly. In fact when the butterfly is fully closed the 0.7 mm hole is covered 50% or more.

Since my butterfly was previously re-set by a local mechanic, it is unknown if the closure is still correct. Regardless 50% of the hole is exposed / breathing but it in front of the butterfly. Hence it is not a good place to obtain vacuum.

The holes picture: -

The other reason of failure is because the plastic Y-joint melted away after several days.

If vacuum are to be obtained from all 4 throttles then tapping from above is advised.


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