Engine Swap

October 2007

The engine is swapped from type = silvertop of Toyota Corolla AE101 to type = blacktop of AE111. Due to wear and tear over 5 years, abuse of reduced engine oil for performance, ill-maintenance in preparation for this day :) I must comment that the silvertop held extremely well, driven without engine oil for over 10,000 km on and off over the years .......... including high rev and long distance travel.

The engine still works, just extremely engine oil wasting and non fuel economy anymore. A basic overhaul should do, but I'm concerned with abused crank-shaft and pistons........... well, lets be honest, blacktops got slightly lighter internals, the 4 throttles vacuum is much improved over silvertop, etc etc etc..............

Anyway the point of this write up is to explain some obstacles overcame due to again my own naughtiness of mixing silvertop with blacktop, as well as cost saving for now.

engine kosong, bought bare without

but comes with

The combination is now

  1. silvertop ecu

  2. running AFM

  3. silvertop full wiring

  4. blacktop engine

  5. blacktop 3 wires TPS over silvertop's 4 wires

  6. silvertop VVT solenoid in blacktop's engine

First start was disaster, idling too high or won't idle. The mechanic = Ah Leong did a fantastic job of not messing without things illogically and concentrated on the real problem, at the end was merely vacuum leak.

This exercise teaches us that blacktop engine is extremely sensitive to vacuum leak, allot more than silvertop. And that for the moment the above recipe seems to match and works fine.

I've not driven the car yet, but I trust my mechanic and the current driver, my mom's feedback. Lets see when I'll convert to blacktop ecu running MAP.





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