Meters / Gauges (6,000 feet)

4th November 2005

The meters were added during Chinese New Year holiday around Jan end, early Feb 2005. They were bought from ENEOS 1 Utama together with another friend and since we bought around 6 or 7 we got great discounts :)

On the left you can see it is a vacuum gauge signaled by a vacuum tube to the intake manifold. This is a passive meter and does not require power to work. The little black box is a AFR meter (Air Fuel Ratio) made by a friend DIY style. RM50 with a switch at the back for continuous LED or signal LED display only. Interested party please email Bernard POON

On the right is two oil pressure gauges and one oil temperature gauge. The left most oil pressure gauge is actually getting it's signal from the reader at the fuel pressure regulator, hence it is reading fuel pressure. The middle oil pressure guage is the real oil pressure read out.

All three meters are active type and must have 12V DC+ power in order to work. The pressure reader is the big object shown below. The grey color wire is the signal to the meter. The other grey color wire is connected to a small temperature sensor. The temperature sensor body itself is grounded hence does not require a ground cable.

All these meters are from Autogauge. The needle response is very slow. They appear to have an effect like a 5 seconds sum & average function which causes the delay. Hence their readings are out accurate instantly. However they are a good indication for protection purposes.

A 4-way-joint adaptor is given in the oil pressure gauge purchase. Nice deal. But don't expect professional read out.



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