If do again, how? VERSION_2

June 2014

This time I think

  1. "the total ecosystem = matching items" must be used fully without mix and match.

  2. Then ensuring engine output points straight to rear axle, avoid power lost.

  3. Finally attempt to achieve the ultimate dream of "LOW CENTRE OF GRAVITY".

Option A - full original AE86 transplant, story not to be repeated here.


Option B - complete full ALTEZZA transplant.

  1. From ground up is always right.

  2. Complete suspension struts - most importantly getting it's 5 lugs for new 17" rims.

  3. Use it's braking, big rotors, ABS too.

  4. Rear axle full set. Centre it to the chassis. Members of public has successfully mounted 4WD rear axle into KE70 without cutting and welding. Literally bolt on plug and play. I suspect adaptors are used.

  5. Propeller shaft AIMS to the front.

  6. Get a 6 speed or more gearbox obviously.

  7. Then this is where the gearbox output MUST be. And low down (add spacer if need). But keep straight to rear axle.

  8. Crossmember from Altezza into KE70, AE86 or whatever car. It won't fit? yes!!!, use adaptors, take this chance to LOWER it as low as you can. 1 inch, 2 inches are possible I think. Make sure to FIND & tune it's left-right so that the engine fitted with gearbox outputs straight to the rear axle. Avoid power lost. YES!!! I'm obsessed, because I didn't do it right for 15 years.

  9. Not forgetting engine+gearbox combo as far into the engine bay firewall as you can. Knock the firewall some if you need. In fact may be CUT away some floor chassis if need. Differs car to car, study more from so many kind souls whose uploaded so many pictures. Thanks everyone.

  10. Finally wiring looms, etc.....

  11. I would personally prefer the entire dashboard & aircond systems, door controls, mirror controls, everything in. Very worried with cutting wires, joining the wrong, short circuit and blow damage ECUssss. 

Yes, there would be challenges and obstacles especially on anti-roll-bars, control-arms and what-lot. If there's a heart there's a way. Else keep everything original, don't transplant, just modify from whatever the original manufacturers provide. Right?


Option C, D, E,,,,,, complete full transplant of whatever is advised, 100%. Fancy BMW Z4? Merc SLK200? Honda S2000? or the new mighty king of low CG new 86?

If not?


Funny thing is Bill Sherwood did nearly exactly this in 2004 to his AE86 and advised me the same, but I didn't managed to listen into my brain. I was thinking by my heart closed minded and too affixed to Initial_D getting new engine and greedy_ing to get 4 throttles, but, which doesn't make any horsepower,  albeit so many tuners would/might say otherwise.

10 years ago he and many has done what I just wrote above!!! go figure.

Thanks Bill, another tribute to you, TRULY. You didn't hide the goodies, had the patience to endure my newbie my inexperience stories, you'd probably realize one day in the future I might come to this culmination and just let me walk the path and enjoy it full raw throttle without distortion. It's great to find out my own.


If do again, how? VERSION_2

  1. If do again, how? (Update 2014 - I'd probably won't do this)
  2. Braking System (Update 2014 - I'd probably won't do this)
  3. Tires & Rims (Update 2014 - I'd probably won't do this)
  4. TITAN's Suspension
  5. Engine by Power Zone
  6. Engine to 20v MAP (Update 2014 - I'd probably won't do this)
  7. What other items needed? (Update 2014 - I'd probably won't do this)
  8. How to put 20v into KE70? (Update 2014 - I'd probably won't do this)
  9. Tips (Update 2014 - I'd probably won't do this)
  10. Re-route Water Direction for 4A-GE 20v Engine from FF Chassis to FR Chassis KE70 or AE86 (Update 2014 - I'd probably won't do this)

If do again, how? VERSION_2



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