Restoration 2

Project 1 failed 29th November 2001 - May 2002

Project 2 begins 9th September 2002

After getting the co-operation from: -

LOO YOKE LEONG (Ah Leong) 012-6516869


122, Jalan SS21/35, Damansara Utama

47400 Petaling Jaya, Sel

Tel : +60(3)7725-0107

Fax : +60(3)7727-5791


For another transplant including ALL of AE101's bits, e.g. dashboard, dashboard switches, adjustable steering column and steering switches like signals, lights, wipers and high-beam, then air-cond system and the complete wiring looms including miscellaneous fuse boxes etc. The 2nd restoration project begins.

During the time gap of the last failure, this mechanic have successfully transplant ALL of AE101's bits into a Toyota Corona 1982 TT140. I was involved heavily on that particular transplant to help with some automotive English and electrical essentials. As well as taking the opportunity to survey to make sure that this mechanic knows what's involved.

This mechanic Ah Leong was originally sought after, but he rejected to help me at 1st because it involves too much custom work, therefore I was force to find the previous installer, who is a known friend of 7 years. Unfortunately I had to find out the hard way that he is all talk but no go and handed my project to someone else and screwed-up.

But now after he sees the failure, then he decides to help me.

The 2nd half-cut was purchased from: - 

Mun Lee Auto Parts (M) Sdn Bhd

Lot PT No. 32332, Sub-Lot B

Batu 13, Jalan Puchong

47100 Puchong

Selangor, Malaysia

Tel : + 60 (3) 8060 0000

The hunt, selection of choice and purchase was done by myself and not the mechanic.

It arrived at the workshop and is being stripped. It is a Japanese Made Toyota Corolla Levin AE101 2-door GT-Apex with a 1.6L 20valve 4-cylinder 4-throttles 4A-GE engine (silvertop) on Manual transmission.

I went to see the car on 10th, nothing was done except everything was removed from the half-cut chassis and piled up on the floor.


  1. Restoration 2

  2. Bodyworks Repair

  3. Installing Dashboard

  4. Install Dash Frame & Clean Engine Bay

  5. Clean Engine Bay 2

  6. Engine Bay Cleaned

  7. Anti-rust Engine Bay

  8. Painting Engine Bay

  9. Installing Wiring Looms

  10. Other Ancillaries

  11. Installing Engine

  12. Other Ancillaries 2

  13. Extending Wiring Looms

  14. Nearly Finished

  15. The Car Starts




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